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Soul Regression Therapy


Past Life, Between Life, Future Life Soul Therapy


Become a Time Traveller!

Through Soul Regression Therapy and hypnosis you are able to connect with your soul and travel back, or forward in time!  Often there are patterns or behaviours that keep showing up in our lives and you may wonder where they stem from or you may struggle to change them.  On the other hand, you may wonder what lies ahead or you may be finding it difficult to make a decision? Come and experience time travel with Nurture Paradise, and you’ll rediscover long lost worlds of the past, or take a look far into your future!

  • Discover your life purpose

  • Chat with your spirit guides

  • Visit your soul circle

  • Visit the akashic records

  • Talk to elder guides

  • Soak in a healing chamber

  • Connect with loved ones

  • Remember who you are

  • Become a time traveller!

Past Life Regression

During this session you will go back in time to visit your earliest childhood memory, then back further again to when you were still growing inside your mothers womb.  From there you will go back even further in time to explore a past life that is of particular interest to you in relation to your current life.  Here you are able to see connections between your past and current life and release any subconscious beliefs which are not serving you in your current life and experience deep healing on a soul level.  You will also have the opportunity to communicate with your higher self, spirit guides and loved ones.

300    3 Hours

Future Life Progression

On a soul level you have memories of every lifetime you have ever experienced and all the ones you are going to experience.  Because time is subjective you are able to facilitate a connection with a future life to gain insight regarding your current life.

300    3 Hours

Between Life Regression

This session is where you will find the ‘true gold’ because in addition to knowledge about your current life purpose, you’ll also find you’re true soul purpose.  Following a successful Past Life or Future Life session we invite you to return for a Between Life session.  It is here where you can find answers to many more questions, connect with loved ones from your current life both living and deceased, chat with your personal spirit guides and your smaller soul family, you can visit your akashic records, soak in the healing chamber, talk to your Etheric Tribunal (or spiritual masters meeting), visit your pre-conception and your cosmic classroom to discover your souls natural gifts and talents plus so much more.

300    3 Hours

Past Life & Between Life in the same session

400    4 Hours

Future Life & Between Life in the same session

400    4 Hours

Follow Up Regression

Short follow up sessions are available if you have previously had either a Past Life & Between Life session OR a Future Life & Between Life session at Nurture Paradise.

150   1.5 Hours

Mother & Baby Soul Communication

There are few things more heartwarming then communicating with the soul of your baby while your little one is growing in your belly or you are trying to conceive.   Discover your soul connection and past lives together, your babies name, gender and any other special messages from your spirit guides and baby.

150    1.5 Hours

Parent & Child Soul Communication

Sometimes you may be searching for a deeper connection with your child and how to best support them in this lifetime. During this guided hypnosis soul regression you can discover your soul connection with your child, past lives together and any other special messages from your spirit guides to encourage a positive relationship with you and your child.

150    1.5 Hours

Soul Connection Package

The Mother & Baby Soul Communication is also facilitated in our Soul Connection Package which includes a Private 12 hour Hypnobirthing Course, 1 Hour Pregnancy Massage and the Mother & Baby Soul Communication.

1205 14.5 Hours (save 100)

“The only real valuable thing is intuition”

Albert • Einstein

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