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Foot & Hand Reflexology


From your feet and hands to every cell in your body!

Reflexology is a soothing and effective treatment so if you’re recovering from an injury or an operation reflexology is a great option for relief and healing.  Likewise, reflexology is also beneficial if you have permanent decreased mobility or if you are suffering from chronic pain and unable to have the affected area massaged directly.  Easy access to your feet and hands means that if you aren’t able to have a full body massage for any reason (including being ticklish), you can still benefit from the oldest healing remedy known to humankind… Massage!

  • Stimulate nerve function

  • Increase Energy

  • Improve circulation

  • Relieve migraines

  • Sleep better

  • Heal wounds faster

Reflexology is commonly known as a foot massage, however, reflexology can also be applied to your the hands, to stimulate every organ, cell and tissue in your body.

Book the best reflexology treatment you’ve ever had, with Nurture Paradise, and you’ll be walking home with the most loved up feet on the Sunshine Coast!

90     1 Hr

135   1.5 Hr

180   2 Hr

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Massaged Feet are HAPPY Feet!

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