Have you lost your connection with nature?

Nature provides you with everything you need to thrive on planet Earth and this is why you need to reconnect with nature.  It’s easy to forget about the basics which can be taken for granted.  Simple things like oxygen, water and Vitamin D from sunlight. There are many benefits to heading out into the forest or sitting by the ocean, where these elements are at their strongest.

  • Boost creativity
  • Better relationships
  • Stress release
  • Improved health
  • Heal your mind and body faster
  • Sleep longer
  • Be happier

Whether you head outdoors by yourself or with family and friends, you’ll feel a satisfying sense of wellbeing when you get home.

Tips for reconnecting with nature

If you’ve ever wondered why you need to reconnect with nature and now feel inspired to get out there, here’s some ideas to get you started.

  • Join a walking club
  • Sign up for a National Park tour
  • become a surf lifesaver
  • Meet friends for a juice  at a beach side cafe
  • Join a park run
  • Walk your dog
  • Take the kids to the beach
  • Go Geocaching

Spending time outdoor with friends, families and neighbours can keep your committed and make your time in nature more enjoyable, or taking some precious time out on your own, can be very therapeutic.

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